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Cape Cod Cranberry Moonshine Released

Pete Hanlon sells his cranberries to a wide array of customers. That includes five Market Baskets including the Sagamore location, Big Y Supermarkets, several local stores and multiple jam businesses.

But besides a one-and-done deal with a winery, Hanlon hasn’t sold to any liquor-based businesses.

Until now.

P.J. Cranberries of East Sandwich has teamed up with Onyx Moonshine, a Connecticut distillery. The East Hartford company hopes to start selling cranberry moonshine with fruit from Hanlon’s bogs next month, said Onyx co-owner Adam von Gootkin. The distillery sells its moonshine in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and upstate New York.

“I have no questions they like the product and I like their product,” Hanlon said, who sold the first order of cranberries to Onyx last fall. “I am impressed with their company and the people in the company.”

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